Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Create an account on Hotmail via Hotmail Support 1-850-361-8504

Many users want to create an account on hotmail as it offers the best services and features but sometimes they get confused while creating it and that time they look of r the reliable help which can only be provided by Hotmail Tech Support team.  
Following steps help you to create an account on hotmail:-
·         In the very first step, you need to go to the Hotmail website.
·     Then, you must fill out the ‘Sign Up’ page in which you have to choose your email address and entering personal and security information.
·         Enter your personal information like name, birthday, and gender.
1.  Create your account name:- Enter a unique name in the ‘Microsoft account name’ field and ensure that is selected.
2.   Create a password:- Use at least 8 characters in which numbers, capitalized and small letter is included.

·     Fill the contact information in which you must two methods like phone number and alternate email which will help you in dealing with the lost password related issues.
·       After that, choose any country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and your zip/postal code.
·       Afterwards, enter the Captcha and agree the terms of service and privacy policy.
·       At last, log into your email account and do your work or make changes as per your like.

I hope you have understood all the points but if you stuck in something then you need to make contact with our Hotmail Technical Support team who will help you sooner rather than later.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Reset a Lost Hotmail Password Via Hotmail Support

If you have lost your Hotmail password then you need to make contact with our HotmailTech Support team who will solve all your issues in no time for sure.

Following steps help you to reset your password:-
1.       Navigate the to reach to its home page
2.       Then, you need to tap on the ‘Can't access your account?’ link.
3.       Choose ‘I forgot my password’ and tap on ‘Next’ option.
4.       You need to enter your ‘Hotmail address’in the ‘Microsoft account’ field.
5.       Select a verification method:-
·         Email –Get the verification code on recovery email address associated with your account.
·         Use an app - If you have installed the ‘Microsoft Account’ app then use it to generate a verification code for the verification your identity.
·         Text - If your mobile phone number is linked with your account then you will get the text which will verify your identity.
·         You can answer the questionnaire(if necessary), if you have no recovery information linked with your account.
6.     Get the verification code on your verification method to access the password reset page. And, enter the verification code in its field.
7.      Afterwards, make a new password
8.      At last, you will be able to login your account.

Above points will help you to reset your Hotmail password but if you think that they are not worthy then you can take help from our Hotmail Technical Support team who will solve all your issues.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

How to compose an email on Hotmail? Dial Hotmail Contact Number 1-850-316-4893

Are you new to Hotmail? Don’t you know the way to compose emails on this email site? Is it urgent for you to compose emails? Calm down! Our Hotmail Customer Service Care is always available for you to guide you in a detailed manner for the same purpose. Our technicians are highly qualified and certified to help you out on each and every activity of Hotmail.

Have a look on the steps to compose messages on Hotmail:
1.In the very first step, you ought to login to your Hotmail account.
2.Click the ‘+New’ button at the top of the page.
3.A new window will be popped up. Enter the email address of the recipient in the ‘To’ field and if you want to add multiple people in the thread, then put comma after every email address.
4.Now, enter the subject and in the last, type your message.
5.And finally, click the ‘send’ button to send your message.

If you want to insert photos/files, then you can also do this. For additional information related to this topic, dial our Hotmail Contact Number at anytime and from anywhere. 

If you are facing any problem while accessing your Hotmail account, then at that time you are allowed to take assistance from our well-known technicians as our techies are highly knowledgeable and experienced to solve all your issues. There are various other service providers in the market, but our techies are only famous for their work and the reason is that our technicians are giving their best performance.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

How to use Hotmail Customer Service Care via contact number 1-850-316-4893

If you are facing trouble in using Hotmail and are searching solutions regarding your problem, then call our Hotmail Customer Service Care number which is a toll-free facility. The help is provided by an experienced team member who is available at 24hrs at your services to resolve your problem. So you can talk as much as you want to and don’t worry about your expenses as our service charges are very cheap and manageable. It offers the positive response to their customers and tries to resolve complicated issues of Hotmail emailing process.
In the starting period, Hotmail gives nice features to their users. Sometimes, Hotmail users face technical issues and try to overcome those problems by own. Some technically sound users resolve their problems on their own but some non techno-savvy users fail to do so. Here are some technical problems one face with Hotmail cited below:
  • Face problem while login Hotmail account.
  • Hotmail account gets hijacked.
  •  Missing password of your Hotmail account.
  •  Spam problem into your Hotmail account.
  • Low transfer data rate.
  • Taking much time for loading.
  • Email is not going in a right payee address.
  • Reset and recovery of password.
  • Due to sudden change in internal features, the attachment problem comes out.
So, our team members are here to help you in a best possible way. They will tell you the steps to overcome your problems and you have to follow the steps to get rid of all your problems. So, if you need any quarries then contact to our Hotmail Contact Number as quickly as possible.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Best Hotmail Support Practices to Secure Hotmail Account via 1-850-316-4893

Hotmail was launched in the year 1996 and has become the first social website for users to send and receive the message efficiently. We always talk a lot about Gmail but Hotmail is still a leading email service. The official has been changing in Hotmail since it was incepted and now it provides various services like audio player, organization tools, and spam filtering. To secure Hotmail account, Hotmail Customer Service suggests you to perform some regular practices: 
  • Create a strong password: While creating a password, make sure that you are not using a word which has appropriate meaning. You shouldn’t use any dictionary word, name, pet name, date of birth and common thing which relate to your life.
  • Change your password: After creating a password don’t share your password with anyone and change your account password. In addition to this, you should change your password once a week.
  • Avoid Alphanumerical words: Avoid alphanumerical words while making a password of your account. Don’t use alphabet with number in your account.
  • Avoid using personal information: If you use personal information it has chances to be hacked and if it is hacked, it can be misused.
  • Update your password: Update your password so that your personal account would be safe. Update your password time to time.
  • Do not use dictionary word: Do not use any weak password for your account! Always try to make a strong password so that hacker doesn’t hack your password.
For more information, dial our toll free Hotmail Support Number and get the proper and detailed information.  

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How to compose email on Hotmail via 1-850-366-6203 Hotmail Support?

Are you new to Hotmail? Don’t you know the correct procedures to compose an email on Hotmail? If you are going through the above two situations, then make a contact with our Hotmail Support team as this team consists of highly qualified and diligent techies who will fix all your Hotmail issues.
If you want to compose emails on Hotmail by yourself, then follow the below given steps:
  • Visit the login page of Hotmail and enter your login credentials to get signed into your account.
  • Click the ‘+New’ button at the top of the page.
  • Enter the email address of the recipient in ‘to’ field. If you want to add multiple recipients then use a comma after every email address.
  • Type the subject of your mail in the ‘subject’ field.
  • And finally, type your message.
  • Tap the ‘send’ button to send your message.

You can also insert photos in your email by clicking the ‘insert’ option. For more information, kindly take assistance from our Hotmail Customer Service team.
To get connected with our technicians, you need to dial our HotmailSupport Number from your phone. This is our toll-free number and you can access this number at anytime as our tech experts work irrespective of the time zone. Our technicians are not greedy to earn money, instead of that they try to give you a cent-percent solution for your problems. Our techies believe that customer satisfaction is more valuable than money.

For more information, pay your attention to our website

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

How to add people (from different sites) to your Hotmail account via Hotmail Technical Support?

You can add your contacts to your Hotmail (also called Outlook) account in an easy way so that you could keep their information hand-to-hand. After adding them to Hotmail, you will be able to see them as online, and can also chat with them. Adding people in your account is quite easy and you can do this by simply taking assistance from the Hotmail Support team. This team is specially meant for sorting out all your Hotmail issues in a better way. You can also follow the below-mentioned steps to do this activity:

  • Visit the login page of Hotmail and sign into your account.
  • At the top right corner of the page, you will have to click the ‘chat’ icon.
  •  Here, you will be asked to connect with your Facebook friends or Google contacts. Select both the contacts and click on the option ‘connect’ to approve the connection.
  •  After approving, you will definitely be able to add your friends (from Facebook and Google) to your Outlook account for sure.

Above steps are quite simple and easy. Still, you are having any kind of confusions in your mind; just make a contact with our ingenious techies by simply dialing our Hotmail Support Number. Your call will be responded by the popular techies in the market and you will be provided with the 100% solutions to your issues.
Hotmail Technical Support is fully dedicated to solve your all Hotmail-related issues in a better way. If you are having any trouble while signing into your account, and security and privacy-related issues, our diligent techies are always available for you to resolve your issues.